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Professional Barber Shaving Brushes White Horse Hair 21mm


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This Professional Barber Shaving Brush with natural brown Horse Hair, an extra long,  boxwood handle and chrome ferrule will ensure  pleasurable daily shaving.

Horse Hair absorbs moisture more easily than badger hair or synthetic fibres. This allows you to load the soap quite fast and get a better application of lather for a closer shave.

  • Natural brown horse hair, extra-long.
  • Hair Blend: Horse Mane + Tail Hair.
  • This blend gets high firmness yet excellent smoothness on the tips.
  • Extra-long hair makes it ideal for thick beards and professional jobs.
  • A major benefit in using horsehair for manufacturing shaving brushes, is the fact that horses do not suffer any kind of abuse. Haircut is part of the animal care and hygiene.
  • Boxwood handle, treated to resist wet shaving.
  • Chrome Ferrule.
  • The dimensions of the handle, and the height and weight of the brush shows perfect balance and functionality.


Guidelines for proper maintenance of the Professional Baber Shaving Brush Brown Horse Hair. 21mm.:

  • After each shave, rinse the brush thoroughly to remove all soap.
  • Dry the brush using a towel or by shaking the bristles.
  • Hanging the brush on a Shaving stand for better drying is recommended.
  • Store the brush in a closed place only when it is completely dry.
  • It is quite common that for the first few uses the brush might lose some bristles.



Overall Height: 114 mm.
Handle Height: 55 cm.
Bristles Height: 59 cm.
Knot Diameter: 21 mm.
Weight: 80 gr. aprox

Material: Horse Hair and Boxwood