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Baby Hairbrushes – Natural Wood & Bristles


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Wooden and goat hair “cuddly brush” for babies up to 1 year. Goat hair is especially gentle for baby’s sensitive scalp and prevents “milk crust”.

Brand: Kost Kamm

  • Waxed Beech wood and Goat hair. 
  • The hair of the Chinese long-haired goat is a very soft material. It’s very fine and dense hair is used in dusting brushes, in cosmetic brushes, and in hairbrushes for babies.
  • A major advantage of using goat hair for manufacturing soft brushes, is the fact that goats do not suffer any kind of abuse. Shearing the goats is part of the animal’s maintenance and care.
  • Before manufacture, all natural hair and bristles are cleaned, scoured, and combed in a costly multi-stage process. We call this treatment “finishing”.

Made in Germany.


Size: 14,7 cm. 7 rows.

Material: Goat Hair and beechwood