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Organic Teeth Powders – Liquorice Flavour- Toothpaste – Natural


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An ecological and powdered toothpaste designed for the whole family: without perfume, without mint crystals, without essential oils and without surfactants.

It is also suitable for children and pregnant women. It is certified Cosmos Organic and has a very simple formula of only 5 ingredients. It is a 100% natural toothpaste.



  • It is 100% natural and is certified Cosmos Organic.
  • Vegan Certified and Cruelty Free by PETA US
  • It does not contian micro-plastics.
  • Its formula is minimalist but very demanding and efficient for a good cleaning of your mouth.
  • It has a sweet liquorice flavour and is very fresh so you and your little ones will like it.
  • Can be used during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Dermatologically tested and controlled by a small French brand.
  • Its aluminium container is reusable and recyclable.



  • Xylitol : In the kitchen, it is the alternative to sugar for diabetics, but it is also very valuable in cosmetics. In fact, it reduces the appearance of cavities and stops the development of certain bacteria that are harmful to oral health. In addition, it is an ally for the remineralization of decayed teeth due to its calcium and phosphate content. Xylitol usually comes from birch. To limit allergies / allergy risks (highly developed birch allergy in France), we chose a non-GMO and COSMOS approved corn xylitol .
  • The natural white clay : comes from French quarries. Clay allows you to gently clean your teeth and absorb excess fat. It is guaranteed without nanoparticles.
  • Calcium Carbonate : It is also sometimes called “Blanc de Meudon” and is an important component of chalk. It is a very mild abrasive that helps to gently clean the enamel of our teeth. This one is COSMOS approved and guaranteed to be free of nanoparticles.
  • Organic Licorice Root : Licorice has (almost) always been used to clean teeth. Did you know that in Morocco it was called “Caries vein”? Helps prevent cavities.
  • The organic marshmallow root: the marshmallow, due to its richness in mucilage, is an ally of fragile gums. It allows to calm the sensitivity of the gums and the discomfort that sometimes causes an active or even intensive brushing. It is also known to calm baby tooth growths.



  • This powdered toothpaste is used just like a classic toothpaste.
  • Without surfactants, don’t worry: it is normal that it does not foam.
  • Run the toothbrush under the water
  • Gently place the brush over the powders in the jar to extract a small amount
  • Brush your teeth as usual
  • Rinse your mouth and brush well with clean water.
  • Close the jar tightly to preserve the powder from moisture.
  • The glycyrrhizic acid contained in licorice can increase blood pressure when consumed regularly. Therefore, intensive use of this toothpaste is not recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure, hypertension or kidney failure.


INCI: Xylitol, Kaolin, Calcium Carbonate, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Powder, Althaea Officinalis Root *