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Nail Brushes – Natural Bristles (Craftsman’s) – Wood & Hair


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This wooden craftsman brush is made with short bristle. Perfect for hand washing after gardening  or other ‘dirty’ work.

  • Oiled beech wood
  • The bristles are hairs from pigs. They are not harmed and mistreated by mass production, because in that case they would not have any hair.

Caring for your brush:

  • Rinse after each use
  • Drain well and air dry
  • Store in a dry place

For a deeper clean, put in a bowl of lukewarm water with a few drops of white vinegar and a sprinkle of sodium bicarbonate.   Rinse clean and ensure that there is no residue left.  Drain and air dry

Size: Length:10,5 cm. Width: 4,5 cm. Height: 4 cm.

Material: Untreated beech wood from local forest. The bristles are hairs from pigs