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Gummy Sunnies Highly Durable Kids Polarized Sunglasses

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Gummy Sunnies Highly Durable Kids Polarized Sunglasses

Are you fed up with your little one always breaking their sunglasses? Do you wish you owned a pair you knew they wouldn’t break?

When it comes to your children, we’re sure you always want what’s best for them. Gummy Sunnies not only look the part, but they’ll also help protect your child’s sensitive eyes from the rays of the sun, allowing you to rest easy when you’re out and about.

Frequent exposure to these UV rays can lead to permanent damage, so it’s vitally important that you prevent any harm at the youngest age possible.

Gummy Sunnies are:

  • Recommended For Ages 1-7 Years Old
  • Blocks 100% Both UVA and UVB Rays, With Category 3 Lenses.
  • All of our sunglasses comply with the mandatory requirements under AS.NZS 1067.1.2016
  • Ergonomic Comfort Design
  • Durable and Kid-Proof
  • 1 Year Frame Breakage Guarantee

What are they made from?

This pair of sunglasses is made from a Flexible combination of silicon materials, they are incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight. Our sunnies material is extremely comfortable because they have a flexible quality to contour to your little one’s face shape.

Please check the sizes before purchasing


Replacement lenses can be purchased.

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