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Combs & Hairbrushes Cleaner – Wooden Handle


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Have your brushes and combs always clean and ready for your next use with the Comb and Hairbrush Cleaner!

The essential accessory originally designed to easily remove any hair from the wooden pins or bristles of your brushes without damaging them, keeping them clean and serviceable for a brighter and healthier hairstyle.

  • Oiled beech wood from controlled local plantations.
  • Very flexible wire spikes that reach the base of all brushes. With just a couple of strokes, drag all hairs, dust, product residue and any dirt that may be accumulated.


How to use the Comb and Hairbrush Cleaner:

Keeping our combs and hairbrushes clean and ready is the main guarantee for a perfect hairstyle. We recommend:

  • Give a few strokes with the rake to remove hair and dirt from the pins and bristles of the brush or comb.
  • Wash the comb or brush gently with warm, soapy water, without letting it soak.
  • Rinse the comb or brush.
  • Dry the comb or brush with a clean cloth and leave it at room temperature, away from the sun or other direct heat sources.

Made in Germany.


Fan Width: 4,2 cm.

Handle Thickness: 2 cm.

Material: Beech wood and Wire Spikes