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Tractors – Wooden Toys – Farm


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This fun Tractor is hand-made and eco-friendly.  It is designed with endless imaginative play in mind. The Tractor is equipped with a carriage and logs. It is excellent for developing a young child’s fine motor skills by dismantling and installing the carriage and unloading/loading the logs. Safe for all ages, more suitable for children over 1 year of age.


This lovely toy is made by ‘Friendly Toys’, a small family business based in green-side Lithuania. The focus at ‘Friendly Toys’ is on making sustainable and timeless products that will last from generation to generation.


The products are carved, painted, glazed and then finished by hand. Their inspiration comes from the family kids, who are involved in the whole process from sketching to finish.


Height 4 3/5” (11,5 cm), Length 9 2/5”(23,5 cm), Width 4 1/5″ (10,5 cm)


Sustainably harvested birch wood, painted with natural milk paint and finished with linseed oil, all suitable for children, natural and completely biodegradable.


The Tractor will come wrapped in packing paper with a care label attached.


The wood has anti-bacterial properties meaning that bacteria will not multiply on its surface, as would do on plastic. If you would like to clean the toy, do so by wiping it down with a damp cloth with mild soap, then allowing it to dry completely. It is not recommended that the toy be submerged in water, since it is not possible to achieve full water resistance using only natural materials.