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Sweet Almond Base Oils


Sweet Almond Oil is suited for nourishing dry skin and also for various other skin complaints like eczema and dermatitis. It also has mild anti-inflammatory properties.

Almond Oil is a popular professional massage oil, having a very light texture. This super light oil helps the hands glide across the skin and has the ideal speed of absorption for performing massage. It stays on the skin long enough to perform the massage, keeping the skin moisturised not oily.

As Almond Oil is a nutritious and emollient oil, it makes an excellent all over skin moisturiser. It helps nourish the skin and this helps your skin look radiant and healthy. Being rich in fatty acids, particularly Oleic acid (Omega 9) and the natural antioxidant vitamin E, soothing Sweet Almond Oil is an excellent choice for those with mature skin.

It is colourless to pale yellow and odourless, making it the ideal solution to mix with pure essential oils.

Dimensions: 114x45x25 (mm)

Weight: 0.12kg

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Prunus Dulcis Origin: USA Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

NOTE: Cap & dropper included for free