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Educational Puzzles 3-1 Favourite Animals


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Educational Puzzles 3-1 Favourite Animals – This puzzles set consists of 3 separate puzzles, each of the puzzles has a different quantity of pieces – 9, 16 and 25. The puzzle piece size is different – the image of 9 piece puzzle has quite big pieces, the image of 16 piece puzzle has medium pieces and image of 25 puzzles has the smallest sized puzzle pieces in the set. Every puzzle shows an environment and the appropriate animals living there. The example image of the assembled puzzles in the set is provided.

Game’s task – to assemble each of the 3 puzzles as per image on the example.

This puzzle develops:

  • motor skills of hands and fingers
  • movements coordination and usage of both hands at the same time
  • ability to achieve goals
  • creativity and imagination
  • memory and attentiveness
  • spatial thinking and logic
  • speaking and communication skills
  • perseverance and many other useful skills
  • Recommended age: 2 years +

Size: Packaging: 41 _ 19 _ 6 cm Weight: 700g

Material: Puzzlika educational puzzles are made of especially dense (4mm) high-quality cardboard, which does not crumble or wrinkle. Water based paints are non-toxic and safe for children of every age. Each puzzle is a logic game. All products are certified by the European quality certificate and developed according to the Montessori play & learn concept. Each Puzzlika set is packed in a tube or box convenient for storage.