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3D Cubika World Pixels Construction Sets – Surprise


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3D Cubika World, Pixels Construction Set – Surprise. This wooden pixel construction set consists of multi-coloured wooden cubes – pixels measuring 1x1x1 cm. Image, instructions and double sided sticky tape are included. The same tape can be used multiple times and is easily removed – so there is always room for creativity to flow! Wooden pixels allow for the combination and assembly of different 3D models. There are 9 animals in the Cubika World of Animals Surprise Series. The set consists of 64 pixels and each set has 1 of 9 animals of the series. You don’t know what animal you will have – so it is a wonderful surprise! Collect all 9 animals for super exciting play!

This toy helps child to learn:

  • different colours and colour shades
  • counting and expanding your child’s vocabulary while playing

This toy develops:

  • fine motor skills of hands and fingers
  • movements coordination and usage of both hands at the same time
  • ability to achieve goals
  • creativity and imagination
  • association skills
  • memory and attentiveness
  • spatial thinking and logic
  • speaking and communication skills
  • perseverance and many other useful skills
  • recommended age: 7 years +

Size: Packaging: 9.5 _ 9.5 _ 9.5 cm Weight: 100g

Material: Cubika Wooden Educational Toys are made of whole wood – Maple and Beech, growing in the unpolluted area of the Carpathians. Cubika only uses water-based, non-toxic paints safe for children at every age. All Cubika products are certified by European quality and safety certificates. The toys are developed based on the Montessori play & learn concept.