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10ml Aromatherapy Car Blends-Focus & Drive – Essential Oils – Aromatherapy Drive Time


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As we drive to work, to school, on holiday we also face traffic jams and other problems. With everyday driving we sometimes get a little hot-headed on the road, need a little pick-me-up during long drives or late at night, or maybe we may get a little carsick.

A few drops of essential oil could be all you need to transform your car into a calm oasis or to make your time behind the wheel more about the journey, not just the destination.

You may think of aromatherapy oils as something to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or during a spa treatment, however, with a little care and knowledge, this ancient art can also be used to improve your driving experience and make your trip happier, healthier and safer.

Weight: 0.02Kg

Dimensions: 6.3×2.5 (cm)

Rosemary, Lime, Frankincense, Amber Bottle, Dropper Cap